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Breeders' Cup Betting

BUSR is the best place you can place your bet on the Breeders' Cup. Fixed price odds are available. Bet the Classic and get $10 in Casino chips.

Breeders' Cup Odds are live and open for betting.

Bet on the fastest horses from all over the world as they meet in , Arcadia, California this year to compete in the Breeders' Cup Races. With $25 million in prize money, it's the richest, most exciting event in sports making most other sporting events look quaint.

The end of year event attracts a lot of interest from Europe as well as the US. Horses go head to head in various grade divisions and distances for some of the biggest purses in horse racing which also makes it one of the best betting opportunities for horseplayers all year. All race tracks that have hosted the Breeders' Cup have been in the United States, except in 1996, when the Breeders' Cup was held at the Woodbine Racetrack in Canada.

Bet on the Breeders' Cup

Horses - Breeders Cup Classic - To Win
- Updated October 20, 2020 00:00:02
Tiz The Law9/2+450
Swiss Skydiver5/1+500
Maximum Security13/2+650
Toms Detat8/1+800
Art Collector16/1+1600
Global Campaign20/1+2000
Code Of Honor20/1+2000
Mucho Gusto25/1+2500
By My Standards25/1+2500
Thousand Words33/1+3300
Dennis Moment33/1+3300
Happy Saver16/1+1600
Game Winner20/1+2000
Hidden Scroll20/1+2000
Mr Big News20/1+2000
Sharp Samurai20/1+2000
Mystic Guide25/1+2500
Network Effect25/1+2500
Gift Box33/1+3300
Max Player33/1+3300
Ny Traffic33/1+3300
Higher Power50/1+5000
Magic Wand50/1+5000
Storm The Court50/1+5000
War Story66/1+6600

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How to Bet on the Breeders' Cup

Open an account online at BUSR, America's online betting choice for horse racing. Fund your account then select the race you want to wager on. Pick your bet type, horse and you're off to the races.

When it comes to betting on the Breeders’ Cup, there are 5 races to choose from on Friday and 9 races on Saturday. The biggest event of the 2-day Championships is the last race on Saturday for a prize of $6,000,000! While the Classic has the biggest purse, the Mile is usually the most contentious race.

Breeders' Cup Betting History

Breeders' Cup reported that approximately $144.3 million was wagered on the World Championships in 2012 at Santa Anita Park which was down slightly from the previous year's figure of $155.5 million when the event was hosted by Churchill Downs, in Louisville, Kentucky. Breeders' Cup officials indicated the handle totals were in line with expectations based on the interruption of service experienced by many east coast pari-mutuel outlets which were affected by Hurricane Sandy.

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