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BUSR is the best place you can bet on the Kentucky Derby. There are over 256 different types of bets you can place from the comfort of your computer or mobile device. You'll get great future odds with amazing payouts on the leading Kentucky Oaks and Derby horses and even the leading Jockeys and Trainers. Bet on the margin of victory, head-to-head matchups, the winning time vs Secretariat's world record, a Triple Crown contention and more.

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Kentucky Derby Odds
Updated July 9th, 2020 05:30:18.
Tiz The Law3/2+150
Honor A P5/1+500
Dr Post14/1+1400
King Guillermo20/1+2000
Mischevious Alex30/1+3000
Sole Volante18/1+1800
Ete Indien50/1+5000
Gouverneur Morris25/1+2500
Azul Coast80/1+8000
Cafe Pharoah16/1+1600
Finnick The Fierce80/1+8000
Tap It To Win40/1+4000
Candy Tycoon55/1+5500
High Velocity33/1+3300
Farmington Road75/1+7500
Ny Traffic75/1+7500
Max Player16/1+1600
Silver Prospector66/1+6600
Thousand Words40/1+4000
American Theorem100/1+10000
Anneau D'or100/1+10000
Attachment Rate100/1+10000
Country Grammer100/1+10000
Green Light Go100/1+10000
Major Fed66/1+6600
Money Moves100/1+10000
Silver State100/1+10000
West Sider100/1+10000
Answer In125/1+12500
Express Train125/1+12500
Chance It100/1+10000
Edge Of Fire150/1+15000
Eight Rings100/1+10000
Long Weekend150/1+15000
Mailman Money150/1+15000
Mr. Big News100/1+10000
Palm Springs150/1+15000
Premier Star150/1+15000
Royal Act150/1+15000
As Seen On Tv175/1+17500
Shooters Shoot175/1+17500
Collusion Illusion200/1+20000
Fast Enough200/1+20000
Glory Road200/1+20000
Gold Street200/1+20000
Great Power200/1+20000
Lynn's Map200/1+20000
Market Analysis200/1+20000
Mo Hawk200/1+20000
Necker Island200/1+20000
Shared Sense200/1+20000
Spa City200/1+20000
Storm The Court100/1+10000
Texas Swing200/1+20000
Art Collector20/1+2000
By Your Side250/1+25000
Captain Bombastic250/1+25000
Halo Again250/1+25000
Liam's Point250/1+25000
Rowdy Yates250/1+25000
Smash Factor250/1+25000
Wrecking Crew250/1+25000
Uncle Chuck12/1+1200

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Betting on the Kentucky Derby rivals the excitement of the Super Bowl that it generates each year. Although the race is only 2 minutes long, it consistently draws the attention of horse racing fans from around the world as well as people whose only knowledge of horse racing comes from "The Kentucky Derby." From small bets between friends at Kentucky Derby parties, to the big money horse bets at offtrack horse betting parlors, casinos in Las Vegas and online horse betting sites. Placing a wager on the Derby is a staple of everyone's bucket list.

Known as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports” for its approximate time length, the Kentucky Derby is the first leg of the Triple Crown in the United States. Every year, fans and celebrities descend on Louisville to take part of the spectacle at Churchill Downs. The Kentucky Derby is one of the crown jewels of the mystical (and maddening) Triple Crown which includes the the Preakness Stakes which is located at Pimlico Race Track in Baltimore, Maryland and the Belmont Stakes located at Belmont Park in Elmont, New York.

The Kentucky Derby is the most famous graded stake horse race for three-year-old thoroughbred horses and it takes place in Louisville, Kentucky on the first Saturday in May each year. Capping the two-week-long Kentucky Derby Festival, the Race for the Roses currently covers one and one-quarter miles (2.012 km) at Churchill Downs.

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Kentucky Derby Betting
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Bet on your Favorite Trainer to win the Kentucky Derby at BUSR! Sure, anybody can bet the Kentucky Derby Future Wagers but what about making a bet on a horse trainer like Bob Baffert or Todd Pletcher?
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And Other Exclusive Kentucky Derby Props

Anybody can place a bet who will win the Kentucky Derby, but what about placing a bet on what Trainer will win the Derby? How about Bob Baffert or Todd Pletcher?

Additional prop bets are available like the margin of victory, the winning time vs Secretariat, a Triple Crown contention and more. Kentucky Derby Odds are live, bet now!

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During the 146th Kentucky Derby

Sure, anyone can offer Kentucky Derby Odds but what about making a bet on a jockey?

BUSR offers more wagers on the Kentucky Derby than any other horse betting site.

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