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US Presidential Election Odds

At bet ★ usracing, you can place your bets on another kind of horse race. No matter your affiliation, place your bet on who you think you will win the 2020 US Presidential Election..

US Presidential Election
Updated July 20, 2019 09:35:44.
All odds are fixed odds prices.
Donald Trump1/3-300
Kamala Harris12/1+1200
Elizabeth Warren16/1+1600
Bernie Sanders15/2+750
Joe Biden9/2+450
Mike Pence25/1+2500
Kirsten Gillibrand33/1+3300
Cory Booker30/1+3000
Michelle Obama50/1+5000
Michael Bloomberg30/1+3000
Eric Garcetti25/1+2500
Tulsi Gabbard25/1+2500
Dwayne Johnson75/1+7500
Hillary Clinton50/1+5000
Mark Cuban100/1+10000
Mark Zuckerberg300/1+30000
Paul Ryan66/1+6600
Michael Avenatti100/1+10000
Amy Klobuchar20/1+2000
Howard Schultz75/1+7500
Ben Shapiro50/1+5000
Rand Paul66/1+6600
Mitt Romney66/1+6600
Ted Cruz100/1+10000
Bill De Blasio100/1+10000
Ivanka Trump100/1+10000
Chelsea Clinton200/1+20000
Steve Bannon100/1+10000
Any Other Candidate11/2+550
Oscar De La Hoya400/1+40000
Pete Buttigieg20/1+2000

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