The Kentucky Derby

How to get a Free Bet on Kentucky Derby Day

Who deserves a Free Bet? You do!

Bet at least $25 on the Kentucky Derby and you will get a FREE Preakness Stakes wager! The action doesn’t stop at the end of the Kentucky Derby — it just gets started!

Here's how the Preakness Stakes Free Bet works:

  1. Bet at least $25 on the Kentucky Derby.
  2. After the Kentucky Derby is over, a “Preakness Stakes - Free Bet” will be available in the Sportsbook.
  3. The Free Bet will be appear in the Club House and/or the Sportsbook. Login to your account to place the bet. It will be labeled "Preakness Stakes - Free Bet."
  4. You need to have $10.00 available in your account to place the wager.
  5. That's it! Good luck!

If you win your bet, great! If you lose the wager, your $10.00 will be returned to your account within 24 hours.

You can only win with bet ★ usracing!

Terms and Conditions of the Free Bet

  • The Free Bet is available to all bet ★ usracing clients.
  • The $10.00 Free bet is found in the Sportsbook section of the website (chose Sports or Sports Betting from the Club House).
  • The free bet is called "Preakness Stakes - Free Bet"
  • You need to have $10.00 in your account in order to participate in the $10.00 Free Bet.
  • If you lose the bet, your $10.00 will be credited back to your racing account within 24 hours after the race.
  • Management reserves the right to modify or cancel this promotion at any time. General house rules/terms and conditions apply.

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