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Countdown to the Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby Contenders

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 Derby Contender Odds

The Kentucky Derby is where potential legends are born. Every contender at the Derby has a unique story, a blend of skill, training, and determination.

The journey to becoming a Kentucky Derby contender is rigorous and prestigious. Selection is based on the Road to the Kentucky Derby points system, a series of designated races worldwide.

Horses earn points based on their performance in these races, and only the top 20-point earners get the chance to compete at Churchill Downs. This points system ensures only the best and most consistent performers make it to the Derby, making the race a true test of excellence.

The legacy of the Kentucky Derby is adorned with legends. Names like Secretariat, American Pharoah, and Justify are not just winners but icons that have transcended the sport, these legends are not just a testament to their times; they inspire every contender that graces this hallowed track.

The "Road to the Kentucky Derby" is a series of races where horses compete to earn points. This point system, introduced in 2013, replaced the previous earnings system. The reason? To create a more accessible and understandable path to the Derby. Races are held at various iconic tracks across the country, each adding a unique flair to the journey.

Kentucky Derby Leaderboard

Rank Horse Trainer Total Points
1 SIERRA LEONE Chad Brown 155
2 FIERCENESS Todd Pletcher 136
4 STRONGHOLD Phil D'Amato 125
5 RESILIENCE Bill Mott 110
6 FOREVER YOUNG (JPN) Yoshito Yahagi 100
7 ENDLESSLY Michael McCarthy 100
8 DORNOCH Danny Gargan 75
9 JUST A TOUCH Brad Cox 75
10 TRACK PHANTOM Steve Asmussen 70
11 WEST SARATOGA Larry Demeritte 67
12 JUST STEEL Wayne Lukas 65
13 HONOR MARIE Whit Beckman 65
15 CATALYTIC Saffie Joseph Jr 50
16 DETERMINISTIC Christophe Clement 50
17 SOCIETY MAN Danny Gargan 50
18 MYSTIK DAN Kenny McPeek 46
19 ENCINO Brad Cox 40
20 T O PASSWORD (JPN) Daisuke Takayanagi 40
21 GRAND MO THE FIRST Victor Barboza Jr. 40
22 COMMON DEFENSE Kenny McPeek 37
23 EPIC RIDE John Ennis 35
24 HADES Joe Orseno 30
25 UNCLE HEAVY "Butch" Reid Jr. 30
26 SEIZE THE GREY D.Wayne Lukas 27
27 LE DOM BRO Eniel Cordero 27
28 TUSCAN GOLD Chad Brown 25
29 PROTECTIVE Todd Pletcher 25

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The Kentucky Derby Contenders: A Journey Through Time and Tradition

The Kentucky Derby - A Historical Overview

The Kentucky Derby, a spectacle of speed and stamina, has been the proving ground for some of the most exceptional contenders in horse racing history. Since its inception in 1875, the race has evolved, shaping not just the fate of its contenders but also the sport itself. Each year, the Kentucky Derby contenders step onto the Churchill Downs, ready to create new chapters in this ongoing saga.

The Prestigious Path to Becoming a Kentucky Derby Contender

The road to becoming a Kentucky Derby contender is one of rigorous training, unparalleled dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. For a horse to earn the title of a Kentucky Derby contender, it must first triumph in a series of preparatory races. These races are not just about speed; they are a test of heart, a showcase of agility, and a display of unwavering spirit. Past Kentucky Derby contenders have set high standards, becoming legends in their own right.

The Iconi Churchill Downs

Churchill Downs, the venerable stage for the Kentucky Derby contenders, is a symbol of endurance and tradition. With its iconic twin spires overseeing the track, it has been the realm where contenders transform into champions. The aura of Churchill Downs is electric, charged with the anticipation of witnessing the next great performance by the Kentucky Derby contenders

The Race of Roses - Distance and Distinction

The Kentucky Derby, often referred to as 'The Run for the Roses', is a demanding 1.25-mile race. This distance, measured in furlongs, is a true test of the Kentucky Derby contenders speed and endurance. To conquer these furlongs is to secure a place in history, a feat that every contender aspires to achieve. It's a distance that separates the fleet-footed from the true champions.

Memorable Moments and Record-Holders

Over the years, the Kentucky Derby has been graced by contenders that have not only won the race but have captured the hearts of millions. From astonishing upsets to dominant performances, these contenders have become more than just winners; they are the embodiments of the spirit of the Kentucky Derby.

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