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2020 Kentucky Oaks Odds

Horses - Kentucky Oaks
Updated July 2, 2020.
American OddsFractional Odds
Tonalists Shape+7007/1
Venetian Harbor+75015/2
Spice Is Nice+140014/1
British Idiom+8008/1
Donna Veloce+8008/1
Harveys Lil Goil+140014/1
Two Sixty+280028/1
Lazy Daisy+250025/1
Wicked Whisper+330033/1
Perfect Alibi+200020/1
I Dare U+500050/1
Lake Avenue+200020/1
Tempers Rising+330033/1
Blame Debbie+250025/1
K P Dreamin+660066/1
Bonny South+9009/1
Swiss Skydiver+4004/1
Franks Rocket+250025/1
Fashion Babe+330033/1
Pass The Plate+330033/1
Ice Princess+600060/1
Altas Award+660066/1
Mo City+700070/1
Magic Dance+10000100/1
Turtle Tax+10000100/1
Prairie Wings+10000100/1

Bet on the Kentucky Oaks

The Kentucky Oaks is America's richest race for three-year-old fillies (female horses) and takes place each year on the Friday before the Kentucky Derby. Like the Derby, it was founded by Colonel Meriwether Lewis Clark - grandson of William Clark (of Lewis and Clark fame) - and is modeled after the Epsom Oaks. Since it achieved Grade I status in 1978, the Kentucky Oaks winner has gone on to be named champion three-year-old filly 12 times. Who do you think is going to with this year's Kentucky Oaks?

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Bet on your Favorite Trainer to win the Kentucky Derby at BUSR! Sure, anybody can bet the Kentucky Derby Future Wagers but what about making a bet on a horse trainer like Bob Baffert or Todd Pletcher?
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Anybody can place a bet who will win the Kentucky Derby, but what about placing a bet on what Trainer will win the Derby? How about Bob Baffert or Todd Pletcher?

Additional prop bets are available like the margin of victory, the winning time vs Secretariat, a Triple Crown contention and more. Kentucky Derby Odds are live, bet now!

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During the 146th Kentucky Derby

Sure, anyone can offer Kentucky Derby Odds but what about making a bet on a jockey?

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