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Kentucky Oaks Odds
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Kentucky Oaks Odds

With the Most Oaks Bet Options Anywhere

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2019 Kentucky Oaks Odds are live. Time to place your bet now!

2019 Kentucky Oaks Odds

Horses - Kentucky Oaks
- Updated March 23, 2019 07:32:21
All odds are fixed odds prices.
American OddsFractional Odds
A Bit Special+15000150/1
Afleet Destiny+20000200/1
Agi's Cait+30000300/1
Always Shopping+15000150/1
Another Time+20000200/1
Beautiful Tale+27500275/1
Bell's The One+750075/1
Bella Alicita+20000200/1
Bold Script+16000160/1
Broadway Cat+25000250/1
Cairo Cutie+25000250/1
Calf Moon Bay+10000100/1
Cap De Creus+20000200/1
Champagne Anyone+400040/1
Champagne Tale+30000300/1
Chasing Yesterday+100010/1
Chocolate Kisses+350035/1
Concrete Rose+10000100/1
Cookie Dough+300030/1
Dating Game+30000300/1
Destiny Over Fate+25000250/1
Divine Image+300030/1
Dunbar Road+750075/1
Enaya Alrabb+180018/1
Eres Tu+450045/1
Espresso Shot+600060/1
Excess Capacity+20000200/1
Fancy Dress Party+15000150/1
Fancy That+22500225/1
Flor De La Mar+20000200/1
Fun Finder+14000140/1
Golden Curl+25000250/1
Graceful Princess+700070/1
Hard Not To Love+20000200/1
High Regard+21000210/1
High Road+15000150/1
Holly Hundy+25000250/1
Imperial Creed+25000250/1
Into Trouble+15000150/1
Irish Mischief+17500175/1
It Is The Season+35000350/1
It Justhitthe Wire+26000260/1
Just Ain't Right+22500225/1
Kathryn's Sky+32500325/1
Lady Apple+16000160/1
Lady Kate+600060/1
Lunar Orbit+17500175/1
Marathon Queen+14000140/1
Mercy Mercy+25000250/1
Miss Ava's Union+17500175/1
Mo Gayle+20000200/1
Mother Mother+280028/1
Motion Emotion+500050/1
Naughty Joker+12000120/1
Needs Supervision+10000100/1
Noble Contessa+25000250/1
Off Topic+10000100/1
Orra Moor+750075/1
Our Law+30000300/1
Out For A Spin+14000140/1
Over Emphasize+25000250/1
Oxy Lady+700070/1
Pagalo In Avanti+32500325/1
Parade Of Roses+22500225/1
Perfect Reins+15000150/1
Please Flatter Me+650065/1
Point Of Honor+300030/1
Positive Spirit+20000200/1
Power Gal+10000100/1
Queen Of Beas+500050/1
Raintree Starlet+19000190/1
Restless Rider+180018/1
Romantic Pursuit+27500275/1
Serengeti Empress+100010/1
Shelley Ann+15000150/1
Street Band+10000100/1
Stroll With Becca+32500325/1
Sugar Love+25000250/1
Sunset Wish+15000150/1
Sweet Diane+12500125/1
Sweet Gisel+32500325/1
Swift Rose+17500175/1
Take Charge Angel+22500225/1
Tasting The Stars+800080/1
Ultimate Mo+24000240/1
Victim Of Love+20000200/1
Web O' Gold+22500225/1
Las Setas+12500125/1

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Run on the first Friday in May, the Kentucky Oaks is a Grade I race for three-year-old fillies with a $1 million purse. Won in recent years by such superstars as Rachel Alexandra (2009), Untapable (2014) and Cathryn Sophia (2016), this year’s event will feature some incredible horses. Who do you think is going to with this year's Kentucky Oaks?

Derek Simon, Senior Editor, US Racing

At bet ★ usracing, in addition to all the traditional Kentucky Derby betting options, you can also wager on individual horse match-ups, bet on jockeys and trainers and play a variety of fun and exciting props!

Derek SimonSenior Editor and Handicapper at US Racing.
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