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Watch the Pegasus World Cup live on TV with NBC at 6:00 pm EST

2019 Pegasus World Cup Odds

What are the Pegasus World Cup Odds for 2019?

Horses - Pegasus World Cup
- Updated December 9, 2018 20:43:51
All odds are fixed odds prices.
Monomoy Girl6/1+600
City Of Light8/1+800
Catholic Boy10/1+1000
Mind Your Biscuits12/1+1200
Seeking The Soul14/1+1400
Catalina Cruiser16/1+1600
Battle Of Midway25/1+2500
Promises Fulfilled25/1+2500
Bolt Doro33/1+3300

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The Pegasus World Cup is the brainchild of Frank Stronach, the chairman of the Stronach Group. With a $12 Million dollar purse, it is the richest race in horse racing-- before, those bragging rights belonged to the Dubai World Cup. The winner of the Pegasus World Cup wins $7 million, the rest is divided amongst the other finishers. The race will take place on the dirt track at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach, Florida. How long is the Pegasus World Cup? The Pegasus World Cup is 1 1/8 miles long. There are a total of 12 entries for the race. As an interesting twist, each of these entries were purchased for $1 million dollars a piece! Those people who purchased the entries will share in the profits the race generates.

If you want to attend the race in person, make sure to bring a fat wallet or purse-- general admission is $100. Yes. One hundred dollars. Great way to get the general public interested in the race, right? (Please note sarcasm).

Okay, why is it called the Pegasus World Cup? If you have been to Gulfstream Park to bet on the races, you would have seen the massive 110-foot-tall sculpture that Frank Stronach said represents the eternal struggle between good (in this case, the winged horse of Greek mythology, Pegasus) and bad (evil dragon spitting fire). So, what did this statute cost? $30 million dollars. For. A. Statue. Hmmmmm. Okay. According to Jerry Iannelli of the Miami New Times, a Gulfstream employee said, "I think it's an absolute waste of money. This used to be the top place for racing, but now the money's being put into something ridiculous. This place used to be all about horseracing. Now it's about something else. It's a shame all that money's gone into something like that." Perhaps the inaugural Pegasus World Cup will renew interest in horse racing. From our sources, we hear that the Pegasus World Cup will be run at sunny Santa Anita Park in 2018. They don't have a 100 ft dragon there. Yet.

Pegasus by the Numbers (credit to the Miami Herald)

  • What: Pegasus slaying a dragon
  • Idea conceived: April 2011
  • Dimensions: 110 feet tall, 115 feet wide, 200 feet long
  • Materials: Pegasus, 330 tons of steel and 132 tons of bronze; dragon, 110 tons of steel and 132 tons of bronze
  • Journey to Hallandale Beach: Hundreds of bronze pieces were packed in 26 shipping containers and sent by boat which took about six weeks. The steel was packed in 23 containers and also sent by boat.
  • Nuts and bolts: 18,000 screws
  • Workers: More than 200, including four translators
  • Cost: About $30 million
  • Construction: Took about eight months

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