Dave Schwartz & Derek Simon: Spot Plays and Handicapping Angles

Dave Schwartz and Derek Simon discuss handicapping spot plays, databases, looking for value, and a myriad of other topics.

Dave Schwartz & Derek Simon

  • Structuring spot plays
  • Number of factors to use
  • Reality check
  • Derek’s “Base 5”
  • Why recency matters even though stats don’t support it.
  • Derek on Bounce Theory
  • Negative Spot Plays on Low Odds Horses!
  • How Negative Spot Plays make you profitable.
  • Dave: False Monty Object defined.
  • Picking contenders using Monty Hall.
  • Derek: Can’t Make Early Speed Profitable.
  • Derek on Playing the Low Odds Horse.
  • “The more factors we use, the harder it is to get longshots.”
  • Back keying a low odds throw out.
  • Exacta Strategy in 5-6 horse fields.

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