Bet for Victor to win Dancing With the Stars

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Victor Espinoza will do his best to bust the move at DWTS

Victor Espinoza may have lost the Travers Stakes with American Pharoah but he is still game for the Breeders’ Cup Classic.  And he’s also game to win season 21 of Dancing With the Stars which returns on Monday, September 14th at 8/7 Central on ABC.

Now, look.  I get it: Victor has won the Triple Crown and God bless him, he deserves every opportunity to capitalize on his fame. I even hear he is working on his autobiography– who knows, it might get picked up by an agent at CAA and optioned into a film directed by Gary Ross.

Heck, I think it would be great if he was on my morning box of Wheaties!  I think the slogan could be: “Wheaties– Breakfast of Triple Crown Champions!”

Breakfast of Triple Crown Champions

(Does that mean that American Pharoah eats Wheaties or Victor?)

What are the chances—odds if you will—of Victor Espinoza winning Dancing With the Stars?

Currently, he a long shot at +1600.

Long Shot

a venture or guess that has only the slightest chance of succeeding or being accurate.
“it’s a long shot, but well worth trying”
synonyms: gamble, venture, speculation, risk, chance, outside chance

“it’s a long shot, but you could win big”


He has nearly the worst odds of anybody competing!  Are you telling me Victor Espinoza does’t have moves on the dance floor??

Gary Busey (He of the great choppers, substance abuse and a spry 71 years-old) has odds of +1800.  I think there are better odds for him to be back on Celebrity Rehab.

If Victor Espinoza was a horse racing at the Kentucky Derby he would have odds like Mine that Bird (50-1), Giacomo (50-1) 0r Donerail (91-1)– in other words, oddsmakers are not giving him respect.

But guess what?

Those three horses have the record as being the long-shots that won the Kentucky Derby!

So, what am I getting at?

Look at the first 12 seasons of Dancing With the Stars.  Although athletes represented 20% of the competitors, they won 50% of the time (6 of 12).

Victor can do it!

Cripes, all I’m saying is that sometimes the long shot can win.


— Jimmy T, the sometimes contributor to US Racing

(Disclosure: I famously lost my bet on American Pharoah at the Preakness Stakes.)


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