How to Crush the Super Bowl Props

Saying that people love wagering on the Super Bowl is like saying that Charlie Sheen kinda-sorta enjoys a night out on the town. Last year, it was estimated that $4.7 billion was bet legally and illegally on the big event — an amount nearly double the GDP of Aruba, which, incidentally, just instituted a new “sin tax”, thereby assuring that Sheen will never vacation there.

Source: American Gaming Association

And each year an increasing amount of moolah is staked on the various proposition, or “prop”, bets. This year, in addition to the annual absurdity of betting on the opening coin toss — who does this? — bettors can also risk their paycheck on how often Sean McVay’s age is mentioned and whether or not Tony Romo will say, “Here we go.”

Now, while most proposition betting makes about as much sense as watching an Adam Sandler movie for the plot twists, there are a few props that the serious Super Bowl bettor can sink his/her teeth into, mainly wagers on team and player totals.

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