How to Place Multi-Race Bets

Win Ticket 1974Once you have become successful predicting the outcome of single races, you can try your luck at wagering on multiple races at once.

Daily Double

Also known as “the double,” this is the simplest multi-race wager to to start with. With this wager, you’re trying to predict the outcome of two races back to back. These special wagers are usually only offered for the first two races and the final two races on the card, though some racetracks offer them in the middle of the card as well. If there is a double available, there will be a note of availability on the tote board.

Pick 3/4/6

This is similar to the Daily Double, but with corresponding race numbers. These are the most difficult wagers to place, but the payouts often reach the low- to mid six- figure range. When playing the Pick 3 and Pick 4, if no one successfully picks the winners of the races, the racetracks will often pay out to those who only missed one race.

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Caroline Sumner
Horse Racing 101 founder and south Alabama-native Caroline Sumner grew up riding horses in a variety of English sports such as eventing and hunter/jumper. Her first experience at a racetrack was in 2004 when she and her mother visited Keeneland Racecourse and various breeding farms in Lexington, Kentucky. While she loved the horses, her real passion for the racing industry came a few years later when she met her now-deceased off-track thoroughbred, Kaotic’s Reality.

She graduated from Midway College in December of 2012 with a degree in Equine Studies. Throughout college, she worked on a commercial breeding farm and on the racetrack in various positions that included barn foreman, hot walker, and groom. A career-ending shoulder injury forced her to choose other methods of remaining involved with the horse racing industry, but she remains an avid supporter of thoroughbreds both on the racetrack and in their second careers.

Caroline currently resides in San Antonio, Texas where she operates full-time in addition to two other projects. Her other interests include bodybuilding, cooking, reading, and traveling.

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