Levys and Matchmakers Reach Their Penultimate Conclusion


I am a fan of redundancies, so much so that I often repeat myself just to show how much I love them. But what I love more than redundancies are oxymorons, because, first, I relate to the “moron” aspect and, two, I loved Billy Mays’ laundry detergent. And that’s what has brought us here, to the penultimate conclusion of the George Morton Levy and Matchmaker Series.

That’s correct. We are at the last of the Levys and Matchmakers before the finals. This prelim — the fifth — is the final qualifying leg of the series. So, let’s dive straight into them and the vast Yonkers Ocean.

MATCHMAKER | Div. One – Race 6 

We are again left with only two divisions of the Blue Chip Matchmaker, both of which go on Friday, April 14. Initiating the Matchmaker action is a matchup between Bedroomconfessions and Mach It A Par, both of whom are the morning-line favorites. I, however, could care less about them because, really, I hate both of them.

Now, I don’t actually  hate them, but I don’t like the prices they will most likely offer. Yet, they remain the major players in this division. Aside from them, Divas Image could present us an enticing price worthy of our money. She has managed to involve herself late in the mile well enough to hit the board at high prices, but could perhaps get a conservative trip and use her stockpiled speed to nail the chalk sisters at the line.

MATCHMAKER | Div. Two – Race 7 

This would be a great betting race, but there is no show betting! How will we cash on our third-place finisher?

I guess we’ll have to come in first, and the favorite to do that is Regil Elektra, whose speed and rail draw only means happy fun times are obviously ahead. Also drawing well and likely to take money is Krispy Apple, who should also be a part of the early pace and maybe even the late one too if she doesn’t burn herself out. Oh, and Shesjustadelight N is here too, but because she probably won’t get her coveted pocket trip, no one should care.

Great, we know all of the favorites and who the masses will dump their children’s college funds on. How will this benefit us?

Ah, I’m so glad you rhetorically asked that convenient question, because I have an answer! Because she will be ignored amid the class and stuff of the main three, Medusa will offer a terrific price while in great form. Though she starts to the outside of all her rivals and her lone win in the series was a wire-to-wire effort, she demonstrated the ability to close into the mile when she raced from post eight three starts ago, and that style of race against this smaller field could nab her the winning photograph.

Take it or “Levy” It, I Really Have Nothing Else to Offer

We have three divisions of the George Morton Levy Series to cover this week, and it will mark the return — and the finale — of our beloved segment.

Folks, it’s time for some Speed Levys.

LEVY | Div. One – Race 5 

Moving inside after a decent start from off the pace, Provocativeprincen should be able to get a better setup from post three at a good price, considering Mcwicked will likely be the favorite.

LEVY | Div. Two – Race 6 

Once again, Great Vintage will be a fantastic price and is in top form. Coming a head shy of winning his division last week, a better draw should place him closer to the front, meaning less ground required to recoup.

Perhaps Missile J will also not be strongly played from an outside post? If not a strong favorite, i.e. above-even money, definitely consider using in exotics or even on top of exotics.

LEVY | Div. Three – Race 7 

This is the last chance for Guantanamo Bay to prove himself against this group. He once again draws well for his racing style, and will probably lean closer to the 8-1 morning line he carries, but will have to go a stalking trip. Clear Vision should also be a contender off a first-over victory in his division last week, and may pose the biggest threat to Guantanamo Bay, unless Somewhere In L A takes this field around the track.

A lot can happen.

Preview Review 

Friday, Apr. 7 featured two divisions of the fourth round of the Blue Chip Matchmaker.

We were bested by our contender from the previous week, Lispatty ($13.80; $5.40; $4.50), in the first split. Wrangler Magic ($3.90), who we presumed would be one of the betting choices, ended up going off at 7-1, but finished third. Our main contender in that race, Betabcool N (fifth, 9-5), was sent off as the favorite.

Medusa ($11.20; $4.30; $2.80) cruised as our outside contender in the second division, besting favorites Mackenzie A and Mach It A Par.

We then followed that decent Friday with a not-so-mediocre Saturday, performing well in the three divisions of the George Morton Levy going on April 8.

Clear Vision ($8.90; $4.90; $3.50), while being one of the betting choices, won for us narrowly in the opening Levy split.

Finding room late in the stretch, Te Kawau N (fourth, 39-1) put in a surprisingly good performance in the second Levy division, but was only a couple of inches shy of boosting the trifecta payoff.

Finally, Great Vintage ($4.80) belatedly rallied in the stretch to finish a head off of the victor, Somewhere In L A and the second-place victor, Mach It So.

Ray Cotolo
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