US Racing/Lady and the Track Kentucky Derby Contest!

Show your skills in the most random Kentucky Derby prop bet contest on the web!

Answer the questions below and submit your entry to win! The top five finishers will receive a US Racing t-shirt or coffee mug, as well as a license to be smug and condescending until the Preakness (this is not a real license and cannot be used to operate a motor vehicle or buy alcohol for Kentucky Derby parties)

Submit your entry to before 12:00 noon Eastern Time on Friday, May 5. Each correct answer earns a point. The entries with the most points win, with a tie-breaker used to resolve any ties (if there is still a tie after this, it will be resolved via a fist fight… no, we jest, it will be resolve via a random drawing… then, a fist fight).

So enter NOW to win!

1. The Kentucky Derby favorite will be:

A) Less than 3-1 odds final odds.
B) Greater or equal to 3-1 final odds.

2. Horse most likely to be leading at the quarter pole (1-mile mark of the official Equibase chart)?

3. The final margin of victory will be?

A) Less than or equal to 2 lengths.
B) Greater than 2 lengths. 

4. The color of the winner will be? 

A) Gray.
B) Bay.
C) Chestnut.
D) Dark bay/brown.
E) Other (hey, Kendall Hansen has an entry, you never know).
5. Will the winner be coming off a win in its final prep race?

A) Yes.
B) No. 

6. The time it takes Harry Connick Jr. to sing the National Anthem (first word to end of last): 

A) 1:30 (one minute, 30 seconds) or less.
B) Greater than 1:30 (one minute, 30 seconds).

7. Who will the winning jockey thank FIRST in the post-race, on-horseback interview?

A) Owner(s).
B) Trainer.
C) Fans.
D) Horse.
E) Family.

F) God.
G) Other.
H) Nobody. 

8. Horse with the longest (greatest) final odds?

9. Horse that finishes last?

10. Will the winner have ever won a race over the Churchill Downs track before?

A) Yes.
B) No. 

Tie-Breaker: The final time (to the hundredths) of the 2017 Kentucky Derby will be?

Note: Any and all decisions by the judges are final. Limit one entry per e-mail address. Winners will be notified by e-mail as soon as the judging is done.

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