Are You Trapped in a World of Jurassic Handicapping?

PaceMakeTheRace Podcast featuring Dave Schwartz and Derek Simon: Are you still handicapping like people did back in the 1980s?


The 1980s were a great time to be handicapping. Pace handicapping was a shiny new thing, “Picking Winners was less than a decade old, and even impact value handicapping was fresh and new. There were no whales. The takeouts were lower. And favorites won 33 percent of the time (instead of the 38 percent they win today.)

The game was just easier.

  • Has handicapping from printed past performances become too expensive in terms of time?
  • What is “Story Handicapping?”
  • Do you often say things like this? “I’ve been doing this for 40 years. I know how to handicap.”
  • Do you still see layoff horses has the kiss of death? (Despite the fact that statistics do not support that?)
  • What are “Time Decay Factors?”
  • If you are a past performance reader, what two simple factors could make capturing winners easier?

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