FREE Copy of Dr. Steven Roman’s Book On Thoroughbred Dosage and Performance

Dr. Steven Roman

Dr. Steven Roman (photo via his Facebook page).

As many of you know, Dr. Steven Roman’s excellent Web site is no longer being maintained.

Dr. Roman is “ending his association with thoroughbred racing” after more than 50 years as an owner, consultant, writer and educator and he informed me that he is making an updated version of his book “Dosage: Pedigree and Performance,” originally published in 2003, available to the public — for free.

Click HERE to get your copy of “Dosage: Pedigree and Performance.”

Now, I’m guessing that a number of folks reading this are aware that Dr. Roman was one of the original creators of the Dosage Index, a numerical method of assessing a horse’s distance capability that some love… and some hate. However, DI and the associated Center of Distribution (CD) are just two of Dr. Roman’s better-known contributions to the Sport of Kings. Undeniably bright — he received his Ph.D. in Physical-Organic Chemistry from Columbia University in 1967 and has authored over 60 U.S. patents and peer-reviewed journal publications — Dr. Roman’s Performance Figures (PFs) might represent his best, yet most underappreciated, work.

In a nutshell, Performance Figures combine speed and pace ratings into one neat and tidy number — the lower the better. As one who makes my own pace figures (speed rations) and greatly appreciates the edge they give me, I think Dr. Roman’s PFs are a great tool for handicappers and racing fans alike. Sadly, they will be no more.

So, before I download my copy of Dr. Roman’s book (actually, I’m lying — I already downloaded it), I’d like to thank the author for his positive influence on the game and for always being gracious to me in the conversations — and sometimes disagreements — we’ve had on a variety of subjects over the years.

Your presence in the game will be sorely missed, Steve.

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