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Horse Betting: How to Place a Show Bet

Show - Your horse comes in first, second, or third. (On average 65% of favorites win, place or show.)

How to Place a Show Bet

Show - Your horse comes in first, second, or third. (On average 65% of favorites win, place or show.) The payout will be the same in either of the three positions. Also referred to as in the money.

Show bets are typically much more fun for new bettors. Since it is the most conservative bet at the track, the payouts will be the lowest, however it offers you the highest probability of winning. At the ticket window just say: “$2 to show on number 5”. At US Racing it is as easy as selecting your horse and wager amount.

Show bets are more profitable when field size is large, preferably 8 or more.

The objective of betting on horses is to win. Show bets offer the highest chances of winning out of all the bets thereby making this wager the best for those new to racing.

Show Bet Strategies:

Show Parlay. This is when make a show bet on a horse and then wager the winnings of that wager on another race. Also, the winnings can be divided up and to place two show wagers on different races.

Sometimes, a group people will all put in $5 to wager show bet to win dinner that evening. The winnings of this 'table bet' can be parlayed into another wager.

Insurance Bets. Sometimes bettors use show bets for insurance. They will wager $50 to win on a horse but then back it up with a $20 show bet in case the winner loses.

Also, at times, the estimated show payoff will be the same or larger than the place payoff. In that case, why not bet to show and take advantage of an aberration in the betting pools?

Better Pools. Be sure to check the show pool amount as it maybe larger than the place pool.

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