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What are match races and why would you want to bet them at the Preakness Stakes?

Match races are simple wagers where you bet whether one particular horse will beat another horse. Sometimes this is called head-to-head betting. At the Preakness Stakes, bettors have the option to place win, place, show and exotic bets like trifecta and superfectas-- but match races are another way to bet at the track and are lots of fun, too.

Let's review: what are match races in horse racing? Answer: Match races are bets that punters can place on individual horses in a particular race. Instead of betting on whether a horse wins, places or shows, you are instead betting whether one horse will beat another horse! Match races are extremely popular in the United Kingdom.

2017 Preakness Matchups
2017 Preakness Matchups - May 20
Always Dreaming-195
Classic Empire+155
Term Of Art+146
Senior Investment-105
Cloud Computing-173
Cloud Computing-145
Cloud Computing-140
Conquest Mo Money+110
Lookin At Lee-140
Conquest Mo Money-125
Lookin At Lee-120
Conquest Mo Money-120
Term Of Art+130
Senior Investment-160
Lookin At Lee-125
Conquest Mo Money-105
Updated May 19, 2017 14:28:21. Bet US Racing - Official Preakness Stakes Match.
All odds are fixed odds prices.

Good luck with your bets and when we get closer to the start of the Preakness Stakes, you will find match race odds posted online.


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