Horse Races to Watch

Baird Doubledogdare StakesKeeneland$300,000
Fukushima Himba StakesJapan Racing Association$823,000
Ben Ali StakesKeeneland$300,000
Elkhorn StakesKeeneland$350,000
Oaklawn HandicapOaklawn Park$1,250,000
Californian StakesSanta Anita$200,000
Providencia StakesSanta Anita$100,000
Flora StakesJapan Racing Association$1,072,000
Yomiuri Milers CupJapan Racing Association$1,221,000
Santa Maria StakesSanta Anita$200,000
Bewitch StakesKeeneland$300,000
Classic TrialSandown Park (UK)$97,000
Gordon Richards StakesSandown Park (UK)$97,000
Mile StakesSandown Park (UK)$151,000
San Francisco MileGolden Gate Fields$175,000
Aoba ShoJapan Racing Association$1,120,000
Unicorn StakesJapan Racing Association$764,000
Royal Heroine StakesSanta Anita$200,000
Tenno Sho SpringJapan Racing Association$4,526,000
Pavilion StakesAscot (UK)$102,000
Sagaro StakesAscot (UK)$102,000
Sheepshead Bay StakesBelmont at the Big A$200,000
Westchester StakesBelmont at the Big A$175,000
Alysheba Stakes Presented by Sentient JetChurchill Downs$750,000
Edgewood Stakes Presented by Forcht BankChurchill Downs$600,000
Eight Belles StakesChurchill Downs$600,000
La Troienne StakesChurchill Downs$1,000,000
Longines Kentucky OaksChurchill Downs$1,500,000
Modesty StakesChurchill Downs$400,000
Unbridled Sidney Presented by SyscoChurchill Downs$400,000
The Jockey Club StakesNewmarket (UK)$151,000
Fort Marcy StakesBelmont at the Big A$200,000
RuffianBelmont at the Big A$200,000
American TurfChurchill Downs$600,000
Bourbon Turf ClassicChurchill Downs$1,000,000
Churchill Distaff Turf MileChurchill Downs$750,000
Churchill Downs StakesChurchill Downs$1,000,000
Derby City DistaffChurchill Downs$1,000,000
Kentucky DerbyChurchill Downs$5,000,000
Pat Day MileChurchill Downs$600,000
Turf SprintChurchill Downs$600,000
Commonwealth CupGreat Meadow$150,000
Kyoto Shimbun HaiJapan Racing Association$1,120,000
Howden Palace House StakesNewmarket (UK)$97,000
Qipco 2000 Guineas StakesNewmarket (UK)$605,000
Charles Whittingham StakesSanta Anita$200,000
Whimsical StakesWoodbine$135,000
Beaugay StakesBelmont at the Big A$175,000
NHK Mile CupJapan Racing Association$2,684,000
Niigata DaishotenJapan Racing Association$886,000
Howden Dahlia StakesNewmarket (UK)$151,000
Qipco 1000 Guineas StakesNewmarket (UK)$605,000
Senorita StakesSanta Anita$100,000
Peter Pan StakesBelmont at the Big A$200,000
Runhappy StakesBelmont at the Big A$175,000
Keio Hai Spring CupJapan Racing Association$1,221,000
Calvin Houghland IroquoisPercy Warner$200,000
Soaring Softly StakesBelmont at the Big A$175,000
Victoria MileJapan Racing Association$2,684,000
George E. Mitchell Black-Eyed Susan StakesPimlico$300,000
Miss Preakness StakesPimlico$150,000
Pimlico SpecialPimlico$250,000
VagrancyBelmont at the Big A$175,000
LouisvilleChurchill Downs$250,000
Heian StakesJapan Racing Association$780,000
Chick Lang StakesPimlico$200,000
Dinner Party StakesPimlico$500,000
Gallorette StakesPimlico$100,000
Maryland Sprint StakesPimlico$100,000
Preakness StakesPimlico$2,000,000
Yushun HimbaJapan Racing Association$3,096,000
Racehorse Lotto Brigadier Gerard StakesSandown Park (UK)$97,000
Racehorse Lotto Henry II StakesSandown Park (UK)$97,000
Pennine RidgeBelmont at the Big A$200,000
Betfred Sandy Lane StakesHaydock Park (UK)$151,000
Betfred Temple StakesHaydock Park (UK)$151,000
Aoi StakesJapan Racing Association$823,000
Meguro KinenJapan Racing Association$1,173,000
Tokyo YushunJapan Racing Association$6,172,000
Daytona StakesSanta Anita$100,000
Santa Margarita StakesSanta Anita$200,000
Wonder AgainBelmont at the Big A$200,000
Winning Colors StakesChurchill Downs$250,000
Steve Sexton Mile StakesLone Star Park$400,000
Gamely StakesSanta Anita$400,000
Hollywood Gold CupSanta Anita$200,000
Shoemaker MileSanta Anita$400,000
Betfred OaksEpsom Downs$635,000
Dahlbury Coronation CupEpsom Downs$514,000
Penn MilePenn National$400,000
Arlington StakesChurchill Downs$275,000
Blame StakesChurchill Downs$275,000
Regret StakesChurchill Downs$275,000
Shawnee StakesChurchill Downs$275,000
Betfred DerbyEpsom Downs$1,815,000
Betfred Diomed StakesEpsom Downs$121,000
Princess Elizabeth StakesEpsom Downs$121,000
Naruo KinenJapan Racing Association$886,000
Honeymoon StakesSanta Anita$100,000
Triple Bend StakesSanta Anita$200,000
Belle Mahone StakesWoodbine$135,000
Eclipse StakesWoodbine$175,000
Jacques Cartier StakesWoodbine$135,000
Royal North StakesWoodbine$135,000
Old Forester Mint JulepChurchill Downs$225,000
Yasuda KinenJapan Racing Association$3,703,000
Belmont Gold CupBelmont Stakes Festival$250,000
DK Horse Acorn StakesBelmont Stakes Festival$500,000
IntercontinentalBelmont Stakes Festival$200,000
Just a Game StakesBelmont Stakes Festival$500,000
New York StakesBelmont Stakes Festival$750,000
Belmont StakesBelmont Stakes Festival$2,000,000
JaipurBelmont Stakes Festival$500,000
Manhattan StakesBelmont Stakes Festival$1,000,000
Metropolitan HandicapBelmont Stakes Festival$1,000,000
Ogden Phipps StakesBelmont Stakes Festival$500,000
PokerBelmont Stakes Festival$350,000
Suburban StakesBelmont Stakes Festival$350,000
True North StakesBelmont Stakes Festival$350,000
Woody StephensBelmont Stakes Festival$500,000
Summertime OaksSanta Anita$200,000
Beverly R. SteinmanBelmont Stakes Festival$150,000
Matt Winn StakesChurchill Downs$400,000
Epsom CupJapan Racing Association$886,000
Hakodate Sprint StakesJapan Racing Association$838,000
Eatontown StakesMonmouth Park$150,000
Monmouth StakesMonmouth Park$150,000
Salvator Mile StakesMonmouth Park$150,000
Mermaid StakesJapan Racing Association$780,000
San Juan Capistrano StakesSanta Anita$100,000
Coventry StakesAscot (UK)$222,000
King Charles III StakesAscot (UK)$826,000
Queen Anne StakesAscot (UK)$953,000
Duke of Cambridge StakesAscot (UK)$286,000
Queen Mary StakesAscot (UK)$191,000
Gold CupAscot (UK)$826,000
Hampton Court StakesAscot (UK)$191,000
Norfolk StakesAscot (UK)$191,000
Ribblesdale StakesAscot (UK)$318,000
Albany StakesAscot (UK)$159,000
Commonwealth CupAscot (UK)$826,000
Coronation StakesAscot (UK)$826,000
King Edward VII StakesAscot (UK)$318,000
Hardwicke StakesAscot (UK)$318,000
Jersey StakesAscot (UK)$191,000
The Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee StakesAscot (UK)$1,270,000
Chicago StakesChurchill Downs$250,000
Ohio DerbyThistledown$500,000
Takarazuka KinenJapan Racing Association$4,526,000
ManilaBelmont at the Big A$250,000
Fleur de Lis StakesChurchill Downs$500,000
Stephen Foster StakesChurchill Downs$1,000,000
Wise Dan StakesChurchill Downs$500,000
Dominion Day StakesWoodbine$150,000
Highlander StakesWoodbine$200,000
Marine StakesWoodbine$150,000
Nassau StakesWoodbine$175,000
Selene StakesWoodbine$150,000
Kitakyushu KinenJapan Racing Association$838,000
Radio Nikkei ShoJapan Racing Association$823,000
Victory Ride StakesBelmont at the Big A$175,000
Brooklyn StakesBelmont at the Big A$200,000
Belmont Derby InvitationalBelmont at the Big A$750,000
Belmont Oaks InvitationalBelmont at the Big A$500,000
Dwyer StakesBelmont at the Big A$200,000
John A. NerudBelmont at the Big A$200,000
Delaware OaksDelaware Park$300,000
bet365 Lancashire OaksHaydock Park (UK)$151,000
Indiana DerbyIndiana Grand$300,000
Indiana OaksIndiana Grand$200,000
Prairie Meadows Cornhusker HandicapPrairie Meadows$300,000
Coral ChargeSandown Park (UK)$97,000
Coral-EclipseSandown Park (UK)$908,000
Hendrie StakesWoodbine$135,000
Delaware HandicapDelaware Park$500,000
Robert G. Dick Memorial StakesDelaware Park$250,000
Procyon StakesJapan Racing Association$780,000
Tanabata ShoJapan Racing Association$886,000
Bahrain Trophy StakesNewmarket (UK)$242,000
Kingdom of Bahrain July StakesNewmarket (UK)$121,000
Duchess Of Cambridge StakesNewmarket (UK)$121,000
Tattersalls Falmouth StakesNewmarket (UK)$333,000
Summer Mile StakesAscot (UK)$178,000
Hakodate Nisai StakesJapan Racing Association$635,000
bet365 Superlative StakesNewmarket (UK)$121,000
July Cup StakesNewmarket (UK)$726,000
Diana StakesSaratoga Race Course$500,000
KelsoSaratoga Race Course$175,000
Sanford StakesSaratoga Race Course$175,000
Hakodate KinenJapan Racing Association$886,000
Quick Call StakesSaratoga Race Course$175,000
A.P. Smithwick MemorialSaratoga Race Course$150,000
San Clemente HandicapDel Mar$200,000
Haskell StakesMonmouth Park$1,000,000
Molly Pitcher StakesMonmouth Park$500,000
Monmouth Cup StakesMonmouth Park$400,000
United Nations StakesMonmouth Park$600,000
WinStar Matchmaker StakesMonmouth Park$300,000
Coaching Club American OaksSaratoga Race Course$500,000
Lake George StakesSaratoga Race Course$175,000
Connaught Cup StakesWoodbine$175,000
Trillium StakesWoodbine$135,000
Chukyo KinenJapan Racing Association$838,000
Shuvee StakesSaratoga Race Course$200,000
Honorable Miss HandicapSaratoga Race Course$200,000
Cougar II StakesDel Mar$100,000
Caress StakesSaratoga Race Course$200,000
Amsterdam StakesSaratoga Race Course$200,000
King George VI & Queen Elizabeth QIPCO StakesAscot (UK)$1,588,000
Princess Margaret StakesAscot (UK)$83,000
Valiant StakesAscot (UK)$108,000
Bing Crosby StakesDel Mar$400,000
San Diego HandicapDel Mar$300,000
Monmouth OaksMonmouth Park$250,000
Alfred G. Vanderbilt HandicapSaratoga Race Course$350,000
Jim Dandy StakesSaratoga Race Course$500,000
Ontario Colleen StakesWoodbine$135,000
Seagram Cup StakesWoodbine$175,000
Eddie Read StakesDel Mar$250,000
Ibis Summer DashJapan Racing Association$838,000
Queen StakesJapan Racing Association$780,000
Bowling GreenSaratoga Race Course$250,000
Updated April 16, 2024.

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