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Author: Ray Wallin

Hawthorne Racecourse

How to Fire Off a Layoff

In the past I have written about when horses coming back off of a layoff are a solid play. Well, occasionally handicappers need to take layoffs too. Sometimes it’s because real life gets in the way ...

Playing the Option

I love watching Navy play football.  Even in their off years their opponents often struggle at times to defend the triple option.  Similarly, I watch a lot of horseplayers struggle with allowance op...

Avoid Being a Bridesmaid

We have all heard the expression “Always a bridesmaid, never the bride.” Some horses will be career maidens, no matter how many times they come close to winning.  A lot of money gets burnt on mai...
A huge horse racing fan, Jack Klugman played a forensic pathologist on "Quincy, M.E.," which aired from 1976 to 1983 on NBC.

Forensic Race Analysis

They say that history is bound to repeat itself.  If you are not a winning horseplayer, chances are that if you don’t learn from each race you play, you will continue down the path of losing. The f...
Ellen Langer

The Illusion of Control

Psychologist Ellen Langer coined the term “illusion of control” for events that we think we have more influence over than we actually do.  As horseplayers, we feel we have some sort of control of...
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